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Festive Food Gift Guide

Well, with Christmas just weeks away now it will soon be time to find that Christmas jumper lurking at the back of the wardrobe and spend hours untangling the lights which you spent hours last year nearly folding away.

This year, to help you all out, I have come up with this handy guide to assist you in buying a foodie gift - why spend time trying to find a gift for a loved one or a friend that will end up in the back of that drawer? You know the one I mean; it's the one for all objects that don't really have a place to call home. This year get them something they will use and with a vast array of amazing products in Devon and beyond there is something for everyone.
I'm going to start close to home, just outside Exeter, with a one man band and his company called Eat the Smoke. With a range of fantastic rubs and sauces which are so versatile, you can use them all year round. A lot of time and love goes into these products, so your lucky loved one receiving some of these can b…

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