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They say great things come in small packages; this is very true of Boom Kitchen curry kits with five kits available and two more on the way very soon, the kits contain all the base ingredients you need to make a restaurant quality curry without leaving the comfort of your kitchen.

Each very well designed and eye-catching box of delights contains dried spices, coconut powder, chilli etc depending on the kit you buy but be sure you won’t find any additives, preservatives or any other unnecessary nasties - just good quality loveliness. They are gluten free too!

The easy to follow instructions will put any unconfident cook at ease and even the student who has trouble cooking a pot noodle will find they can whip up a curry in twenty mins.

So you’ve cook the curry opened a beer and your guests mouths are watering from the smells coming from your kitchen and they have run out of bombay mix so it’s time to eat.
Each curry kit taste very different from the other so it’s definitely worth trying them all even if the hotter ones are out of your comfort zone - don’t just stick to a korma; you never know you might get converted to the hottest in the range the Lady Naga and this is one hot lady! 

The range includes: Karma Korma, Bhuna, Jalfrezi, Lady naga and Tikka Tarka

Image Courtesy of BOOM Kitchen

Lady Naga is my favourite. As a chilli head, finding a curry that’s got the heat and the flavour is hard but boom have made the perfect curry kit - sweet, very hot, full of flavour, it's the best curry I have ever eaten

The end bit
Would I recommend boom kits? Yes without a doubt. If you want a perfect curry without the ghee, additives and colourings you often find floating like an oil slick on top of many Indian restaurant curries then you need Boom in your life. James and Carl, two lovely, hard working, passionate guys have nailed  the packet curry mix on the head. You will find cheaper kits in the supermarket but spend the extra money and simply make the perfect curry  and with Christmas around the corner you will need a Boom for that turkey curry on Boxing Day

I want one
Well get on the website at Boom Kitchen

A recipe
1 Boom Lady Naga kit
A pack of small prawns
Couple of hundreds grams of celeriac cubed
Handfuls of chickpeas and peas
Follow the instructions on the packet but fry all the veg together first
Adding the prawns a few mins from the end and enjoy

I love to serve this hot lady with homemade cauliflower bhaji:
Boil cauliflower florets for a few mins so they still retain their bite and cool in cold water
Add to a batter mix which is equal quantity of plain flour and cornflour 
Chopped coriander 
Salt, pepper and a pinch of curry powder 
Mix in ice cold fizzy water; if you have it still water will do, if not you are looking for a double cream consistency. The batter should coat the cauliflower without all falling off.
Deep fry at 180 degrees C 
Whack a cube of bread in the oil, if it floats and sizzles straight away the oil is ready to go
Fry until golden brown and enjoy!

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If you have tried BOOM Kitchen's products, let me know what you think!



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