South Devon Chilli Farm - the hottest place in Devon

Tucked away in South Devon is a farm, but it's not just any old farm, this one is full of all things chilli.

South Devon Chilli Farm started life in a few greenhouses back in the late 1990's as a product that was fun and easy to grow, this passion quickly grew with the addition of a poly tunnel and when too many chillies were popping up and with the increase in popularity of farm markets and food shows, they saw the perfect opportunity to sell their chillies.Things went from strength to strength and in 2003 they gave up their day jobs and the South Devon Chilli Farm was born.

That was 14 years ago and the farm has gone on to be one of the best chilli producers in the South West, growing and producing a huge range of chillies and products and the good news is this isn't done behind closed doors (or poly tunnels).The farm is a must visit destination if you're passing through Devon or near to Kingsbridge; you can wander around the show tunnel (May to December) and look at the amazing array of chillies they are growing, all well labelled from the hottest ones for the dedicated chilli head to the varieties with no heat, that will still add amazing flavour to your food. 

When you find a plant in the show tunnel that takes your fancy, pop to the plant nursery and buy your very own chilli plant, you never know this could be the start of your very own chilli farm.

If you take the children and fear they will be bored, there is a great little play area for them as well as colouring in, a trail and a quiz sheet. And while you're watching them, you can order food and drinks from the lovely little cafe - you can indulge in a cream tea served the traditional way or vamp it up a bit by adding chilli jam, (well you are in a chilli farm after all!). Enjoy a chilli hot chocloate or a bowl of chilli (slow cooked using local brisket) but remember chilli isn't all about heat and they cater for this very well so if you're wary about chilli heat you won't feel left out when the rest of the group are tucking into a bowl of nachos. You can sit inside the cafe or outside on the picnic benches enjying the view.

The farm also boasts a shop where you can sample and buy from the great array of their products - from spicy snacks to chilli sauces, chilli hot chocolate and t-shirts to pottery; and if you are buying a gift for someone buy the chilli wrapping paper to go with it!
Pick up freshly picked chillies or if you're on holiday you can buy them dried to take home with you.

They also stock their own brand chilli chocolate in many flavours including mint, coffee, orange, fruit, and extreme (my son @kyleskitchen favourite!). They do have some shelves with carefully selected local products on too.

The chilli sauces they sell and make are some of the best you will find and they cater for everyone form the mild to extreme, I will be trying and testing the sauces in a youtube video - find my videos here: ChilliHeadChef

One sauce they stock is a thai sweet chilli so i'm using this to make some thai fish cakes, this is my recipe below:

400g fish - I use haddock, salmon and cod which I minced in a food mixer
1 egg - this helps to bind and helps it not to stick when frying
Pinch of salt - I use Cornish Sea Salt Company
As much coriander as you like
3 tablespoons of tinned sweetcorn  
4 teaspoons of fish sauce
7 tablespoons of thai sauce
1 Thai finger chilli or birdseye - optional to add an extra kick
3 tablespoons flour to bind

The mixture will be really sticky but bear with it; put some flour on your work surface, take a a tablespoon of mixture and roll in the flour and shape into little round cakes. Shallow fry for a few minutes on both sides until cooked. Makes approx 8 - 10 thai fishcakes.

I Want One

If you're a food festival fanatic you will find them selling their wares all around the county so go say hello to Phil and his team, who do a fantastic job of having an attractive well stocked stall all with top notch stuff by a man who knows his chillies. 

If you can't make it to a foodie event, there is a great display at Greendale Farm Shop!

Or visit their website to buy products online or to find out more or connect with them on social media: 

Visit the shop and cafe!
Wigford Cross, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge TQ7 4DX
Open daily, all year round from 10am til 4:30pm (except during Christmas holidays).



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