Source Trade Show 2017

This year's Source Trade Show at Westpoint had, for me, a different atmosphere than the previous year; this year had a real sense of community, a family feel and that for me, plus amazing array of food producers, made this year really special.

People say the South West is fast becoming a food destination - I disagree, I think the South West is already a food destination.

It would be impossible to blog about the whole event as I would have have to release this blog in volumes, so I'm just going to write about some of the lovely new people I met and a few old favourites. Some companies and their products really impressed me, and they will get their own blog, lucky things.

It was a great start to the show to catch up with Eat The Smoke and Good Game Topsham - both based just a stones throw from Westpoint and both with great stands showing off their award winning products. By the way, if you have never eaten in the Pig and Pallet in Topsham then where have you been? Grab some friends and head there for the best cured and smoked meat in this area.  

With bbq season coming up on us faster than a cheetah fuelled on a double espresso, then you need Eat The Smoke in your life - read my blog, I say no more. 

First impressive product of the day were the chilli sauces by Mr and Mrs B's Hot Sauces I will be covering them on my next blog as these made a chilli head very happy.

Met a lovely couple making impressive ghee with added turmeric - very tasty (ditch the chemical margarine and get butter in your lives)

I like odd foods so had a few crispy insects, eaten after the count of five with Michelle, manageress of Chococo Exeter - I quite enjoyed them - it's the future don't you know. Grown nearby in Cornwall too by Cornish Edible Insects!

Great to see Tony of Ebb Tides again, a local seaweed producer with his range of seaweed grinders - amazing taste and a great and knowledgeable guy. Read a Q&A over on Eating Exeter.

A difficult one this; had a yummy pony sausage (no Findis in sight) from Dartmoor Conservation Meats and want to cover this in a positive way in a separate blog. This is a sustainable and ethical food source.

If passion was sold in a bottle then this guy drank the case; Black Tor Brewery had stunning beers made with love. His mum was great too, she could talk the talk. Going to buy the range and blog about this over the coming weeks, yes I know I'm going to be busy but It's  all in name of food!

Great to catch up with our neighbours
Powderkeg Beer with their tasty beers that always makes me smile. Sheppy's Cider and Norcotts Cider both producing very high quality cider and both offering something different.

Any fans of Dragons Den will remember the recent episode featuring Watmuff and Beckett, the Frome based soup and risotto guys who won the backing of Nick Jenkins. I spoke to the guys and tasted the goods and got some to take home from their truck stop. They really do have a tasty product and I hope to do quickie questions with them soon.

I could carry on writing and if I have missed anyone I'm sorry but your time will come.

What a great show 2017 was and I really do wish everyone I met a great year but with all the passion you all have for what you do it's going to be a great food year.



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