The Bees Knees - Mr & Mrs B's Seriously Buzzin' Hot Sauces

What's the best way to attract people to your stand at this years at Source Food & Drink Show at Westpoint?

1 - have a great display
2 - have a great product
3 - have samples to taste
4 - dress up as a knight (Mr B)

That's exactly what Sam and Jasmin of Mr and Mrs B's had, it's a good job I didn't take my son this year or else Mr B would have been asked the last time he saved a princess or slayed a dragon.

Warning: this blog will contain a couple of bee jokes. Why? Beecause this lovely couple love bees.

A family run business started by Mr B with a passion for all things chilli and making good quality chilli sauces, he met and married his Queen Bee and, after a honeymoon to Rome(why did the bee get married? Beecause he found his honey), where the symbol of a bee kept appearing. The Roman bee sign means love, life and unity - they took this as a sign and turned the passion into reality and use the bee ethos to produce aand sell a range of chilli sauces.

As you all know by now, I love all things chilli and there is no shortage of products on the market to try from chilli chocolate to popping candy and everything in between. But more often than not, the packaging can come across as a bit harsh and I think this can put people off as chilli has a reputation especially to people not used to it.

Mr and Mrs B have been very clever with the packaging; a simple white label with nicely illustrated animals that  reflect the name of each product, it makes the sauce come across as a cottage style product and I think they could really change peoples' view of chilli sauces. This is a very good thing, as we should be eating more chilli as the health benefits are well known.

It's no good talking about how good chilli is for you if the rest of the ingredients in the sauces contain sugar, presrvatives and other nasties, but I'm really happy that they carry their ethos of love, life and unity throughout the range with nearly all of them being organic - himilayan sea salt,coconut oil, acacia honey, cider vinegar to name but a few, makes this a great choice for people who watch what they eat and demand superior products

The Range: I will be talking about three products in the range - Hardcore hen, Courageous Cock and Cheeky Chick

Cheeky Chick

This is the mildest one in the range but that doesn't mean it's lacking in flavour - slighty sweet with scotch bonnet and amarillo chillies and with a hint of coconut, lime and honey. This is perfect for the chilli virgin and beelieve me, this one is tasty. I always try chilli sauces straight from the jar to try and taste all the flavours and each one sings out on its own and as part of the choir - the balance of flavours is spot on.

I added some to diced chicken, left overnight and made simple chicken kababs. The result was a moist tasty chicken and none of the flavour was lost when cooking with this sauce. Mix this sauce with some peanut butter and you would have a great base for a top chicken satay.

Hardcore Hen

Before you taste this one just take off the lid and smell it! This ramps up the heat level with the aid of scotch bonnet and the cider vinegar which brings out an amazing level of fruitiness found in the chilli, but again with coconut oil which balances out the heat and adds a smooth taste that you don't often get with hot sauce. Hot on the tounge, smooth on the pallet is the best way to describe this sauce, really very good.

I mixed this with extra coconut milk, prawns and made a very tasty Caribbean style curry.

Courageous Cock

This is the Queen Bee of the range - full of Moruga scorpion and scotch bonnet, this one is for the chilli heads out there, but again, like every other one in the range it has such a creamy taste to it and with the honey coming through very well it cuts through the heat but will leave your mouth buzzing. 

Stick some in a bowl with honey and diced pork, pan fry then serve with oven roasted cauliflower or use instead of horseradish.

The End Bit
Would I recommend? Yes! These sauces won't leave with a sting in your tail. As a rule, I try to stick to blogging products in the South West but after meeting these two lovely people and making a bee line for their display to try the goods, I had to do this blog. 

I really hope they succeed in bringing the sauces to the South West and I think they would be well received in farm shops like Darts Farm, Greendale Farm Shop and would fit in very well with the veg box schemes we have in the area.

Made with love, passion, high quality, natural ingredients and a sense of fun. I look forward to seeing what they do next and I will be first in line to buy any new products. If they ever get bored of making chilli sauces they could always make wasabee (ha ha - best one yet).

I was given sample size jars of their produts but in no way does it influence my blog - if i didn't like the products they wouldn't get a blog.

I Want One
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