Burger Me!!

We are so lucky in Exeter to have so many great eateries, there is something to suit everyone and with names like Rockfish (by Mitch Tonks) coming soon to our city, it's the place to come and eat. But we are becoming slightly overrun with burger joints, from the cheap and nasty offerings of the big M and the BK's to the independents with claims of the best burgers you can put in a bun. So when Meat59 opened in Magdalen Road it really didn't give me a food hard on, but you know I love to be proved wrong(I'm married so I should be used to being told I'm wrong) and my evening at Meat59 proved there is life in the humble burger yet.

Meat59 is the brainchild of Jenna and her brother-in-law Vince; with an already successful joint in Torquay, they have now opened in Exeter with an aim to prove that you really can have a decent burger. The burgers are made in-house and are a decent size, perfectly seasoned and cooked how a burger should be cooked - juicy and slighty pink. But they are not just a one trick pony (or cow) and they put just as much love and thought into the sides.

My evening started with a seat in the quirky upper section with its glass roof, where menus were quickly delivered and drink order taken. I chose a great beer on tap from The Wild Beer Co which was served really cold and I knew it would go well with my feast.


On offer, to start the evening, was chicken wings and smoked garlic sourdough bread. We went for the wings as I believe you judge a place on the quality of the chicken - the meat should be moist and falling of the bone and these did not disappoint! Big juicy wings covered in a medium hot sauce that didn't overpower the chicken, available as a portion size of 6, 12 or 24 to suit the whole table without everyone having to order their own, just make sure you get your share! 

The main event arrived (maybe a bit too soon after the wings had been devoured) with not enough time to clean hands and faces, we really did look like a bunch of babes covered in sauce with smiles on our faces. 

Me being a spice man, I opted for the Raging Bull - a 6oz hamburger patty, roasted jalapeƱo cream cheese, extra hot Mexican style chilli cheddar (made in Somerset), piquant peppers, fresh jalapeƱos, rocket and chipotle mayo and their homemade hot sauce "to blow your head off!" as a side extra for a tiny supplement.

I decided to double up adding an extra patty; it was one of the best burgers I have ever had, loaded to the max, each element coming through but never taking away from the burger which was cooked to perfection. A couple next to us sent their burger back as it was too pink, maybe they should stick to a happy meal.

The homemade hot sauce was nice but a bit too vinegary and runny, it needed to be thicker to be able to coat food as you dip. I would recommend they provided steak knives too, it would make cutting these bad boy burgers in half much easier, without tearing the meat or bun.

The burger doesn't come with chips, so I ordered the dirty fries, which are topped with beef chilli, cheese and jalapenos. These were amazing! A top tasty chilli, hot crispy fries, and fresh chillies - not the soggy ones from the jar, enough to share but you will be fighting for the last mouthful if you do.

After such a great meal surely something sweet was needed so a double chocolate brownie was ordered. I'm not normally a sweet person so I shared with my wife, yeah that was a mistake! Made with lots of lovely warm, gooey, not overly sweet chocolate - it was perfection, good enough to make Willy Wonka kick an oompa loompa in a fit of jealousy.

With great service, and great food, Meat59 is here to stay. I congratulate the owners for keeping it simple but not compromising on quality ingredients. It's the best burger joint in town and really  is a great addition to Magdalen Road. I'm looking forward to going back soon and trying one of their breakfasts!

Website:   www.meat59.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/meat59exeter/ 

*I was a guest of Meat59, however this blog is entirely my honest opinion and I can't wait to go back.


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