#SundaySnippet - Bad Boy Chilli

I love receiving post; most of what ends up on my doormat is how I can have new windows and not have to pay for them for 20 years or a brown envelope which gets me thinking what haven't I paid but earlier this week I received a little brown box and a smile creeps up upon my face; a smile that reads there is chilli in this box. In a well packaged box I find two little jars of chilli mash/paste from Bad Boy Chilli, that they kindly sent me to try. 

Bad Boy Chilli was founded in Lostwithiel, Cornwall in 2014 after the founder had travelled alot in countries where heat is a friend, and so he built up a tolerance for it. When back in the UK, he would make his own chilli pastes and the business stemmed from this. Most of the chillis are imported but some are grown by local Cornish farmers for their Kernow product.

There are currently seven products in the range I will be reviewing two. The range:
Scotch Bonnet (Great Taste 2015 award)
Red Habanero  (Taste of the West Gold 2016 award)
Kernow Mixed chillis (Made in Cornwall status)
Naga Ghost
Carolina Reaper 
A new addition to the range is a Habanero Chilli Shake, a shake on sauce, aged in oak whiskey casks. 

For this blog I have tried the Kernow Gold Mixed Chilli Puree and the Scotch Bonnet Chilli Puree as I believe if the two I'm reviewing are great, then the rest will also be.

The jars weighs in at a cute 41g - imagine the little jam jars you get at a b&b. You might think it's a bit small and I will admit I was quite surprised when they arrived but I soon got over this when I realised what you are are getting is 100% full flavoured chilli with vinegar added to help preserve the product - nothing else! No bulking up with other unnecessary things and you won't spend time looking for the product in packaging that 10 times too big for the contents. 

In fact, each jar holds more than 18 chillis, so a powerful hit from a little cutie.
My first jar is the Kernow Gold Mixed Chilli; for me this is special - not just the very clever way this has been blended using various types of chilli, but these chillies are grown in Cornwall and it has been awarded the Made in Cornwall status. This tastes rich, full flavoured and complex. What starts out gentle, then firmly bites your tastebuds - it's like stroking a seal then being slapped by it's flipper!

This is a hot little number and I added half a teaspoon into some tomato puree and spread it on a pizza base. It gave a very nice zingy flavour and very fresh. I also tried it in a chilli con carne, mixed some into hummus and marinated some on a chicken breast before cooking. Each time the quality of the product came through.

My Bad Boy Chilli pizza base

The second jar was the Scotch Bonnet Chilli Puree which is a 2015 Great taste award winner. This is hot, a vibrant taste and colour with a lovely fruity flavour. It's heat is immediate. This, again, has endless uses - chilli dips, liven up a cottage pie or spruce up a spaghetti bolognaise.

It's been hard to describe these products because they are just chilli - most of the blogs I do are a product which contains lots of things to make the final product, but I really think Bad Boy Chilli have been very very clever with a market overflowing with great chilli products and sauces - to simply put chilli mashed into a jar is a real stroke of genius.

The website claims you will get 20 plus meals from each jar; as a full on chilli head I would probably stretch to 8 to 10 but a normal person wanting a high quality product without the hassle of buying, chopping and remembering to wash your hands before you visit the little boys/girls room (it hurts believe me) then this is perfect addition - a little goes a long way. 

The End Bit
Would I recommend? Yes I would! These pint sized pots pack a lovely punch.
For people not used to chilli, this will help them to realise what a great ingredient chilli is, so I really do think this could help introduce people to a new flavour and to realise that there is nothing to be scared about.

A big thank you to Bad Boy Chilli for sending me these two pots to try - please note this has in no way influenced my blog, if i didn't like them I would say so.

I Want One
Visit their website to buy one or more of these bad boys or follow them on Twitter @BadBoyChilliUK

If you are a farm shop or store and want to stock them, then give them a shout! They are widely available in Cornwall but only available in three very spread out oulets in Devon.



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