#SundaySnippet - India in a Jar

I first came across India in a Jar last year at Powderham Food Festival. It was a large, well laid out stall fronted by the larger than life character Colin, who is a natural seller and is very passionate about his products and an extrovert telling everyone about his goods. Rightfully so; he has created a top notch range of authentic curry pastes with a unique twist and all made in South Devon.

The range Colin has to date includes over 25 types of pickles and pastes. I have only tried three of the range and each jar will provide a good half a dozen meals or so.

The first jar I bought and tried is Naga Chilli Sandwich Pickle - a very very hot paste containing garlic, ginger, salt, mixed indian spices and olive and tomato paste. Colin will always check with you before you buy it, to ensure you can handle this jar of fire. I'll say it again - this is hot, so be careful and handle as you would a crocodile with a toothache but the flavour is immense; a balance of hot, sweet and savoury, everything you want from a hot curry! Yes you choose a naga for the heat but you want flavour as well and this delivers something like being punched by a kangaroo.

Devon Venison contains a staggering 72% venison, enough to upset any bambi lover and again an array of spices, you can really see the chunks of minced meat; it's certainly not just a gimmick to sell this jar -  a rich, meaty flavour with the spice level similar to that of a madras and, as with all the pastes, once opened it will last up to ninety days in the fridge so there is really no hurry to use ASAP in the fear of wasting it.

Exotic Turkey also has a high meat content of 76%, more than Bernard Mathews ever had in his twizzlers. It's a sweeter paste, which really helps cut through the richness of the turkey in the way cranberry sauce does.

The End Bit
Would I recommend? Without a doubt; I can honestly say I've never had anything like these before and that really is a good thing - so versatile! The list of things you can do with these pastes is endless. It takes a special kind of guy to get indian pastes bang on and if I was in india this is the taste I would expect to have. 

I have only tried the three so far but will be making my way through the range by frying. dipping, marinating, rubbing, slow cooking, smoking and so on. There are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free options for everyone!

I Want One
Plenty of options here! If you want to buy online go to http://www.gkoo.co.uk/gift-india-in-a-jar-35-c.asp - you will see handbags, but trust me, his stuff is on there.

If you wish to meet them man himself he attends Exmouth market, Exeter's Thursday city centre market and plenty more. Check out his latest goings on right here: http://indiainajar.blogspot.co.uk/
Find him on his Facebook page


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